Next Generation Cloud Optimization

Real-time automation for cost reduction and performance improvement

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How it works

Automatic cost and performance optimization

Exotanium implements artificial intelligence to optimize your spending 24/7. Our dynamic platform will save you money and resources, so you're never paying for processing power you don't need.

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud management

Revolutionize your cloud management with Exotanium's cutting-edge technology! We fully support multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Real-time performance tracking and visualization

Our intuitive and polished interface will make it easy to track performance in real-time. With Exotanium, you'll be able to react immediately to issues and see growth as it happens.

See your performance like you've never seen it displayed before!

Did you know?

0 Million USD Annual Cloud Waste
0 Million USD Wasted Idle Resources
0 Million USD Wasted Oversized Resources

Why choose us

High Performance

Reduce job completion time and improve customer experience.

Cost Optimization

Greatly reduce waste of idle and oversized resources.


Intelligent vertical and horizontal scaling without downtime.


Run in any hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment.


100% compatible with Docker and Kubernetes.


Exokernel-based VM-level isolation between containers.